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Making Alegoria

Proudly made in Montréal, Canada by Rapids Inc.


By answering questions and placing puzzle pieces into the Mandala, the space opens for you to uncover the allegorical meaning of stories that connect you with others.

Now, you can spark the conversation through play! 

Alegoria Conversation Game

Mandala Puzzle

This social board game includes a Mandala Puzzle board made from Premium Birchwood in Montréal, Canada at the UMake Factory! We are so proud to offer this game that is local, beautiful, and playful thanks to our making process, materials, and commitment to community.


Alegoria boardgame

Our Game Board is actually a Mandala Puzzle! Designed by our Montréal designer, Fabrice Grenier, this mandala has eight symmetrical sections that you can fill with your coloured puzzle pieces as the game goes on.

Alegoria boardgame


Yellow Birchwood Montreal Canada Alegoria Game

There are eight different colour Mandala Puzzle Pieces to choose from! 

Lasercutting Alegoria Game

Large planks of Birchwood are painted with popping colours and lasercut into Alegoria game pieces.

Algeria Game Puzzle pieces

When you play, you can choose any colour(s) you want! So when you answer or ask a question, you can place your colour into the Alegoria Mandala Board!

Choose your colour and design the Mandala Puzzle as the conversation continues!


Alegoria board game puzzle pieces



Our Alegoria Deck holds 100 questions and 4 “Player Cards” - the Alegoria Card, the Share Card, the Challenge Card, and the Time Out Card. Each time you answer a question, Challenge your friend for more information, share your own experience and hit Time's Out - place your Mandala Puzzle Piece into the Mandala Puzzle!


Spark the Conversation Now through Play!

Alegoria conversation game for friends, family, community.

Friends playing Alegoria Conversation Game

Friends, Family and Community playing Alegoria Question Conversation Game


Proudly Made in Montréal, Canada by Rapids Inc.

  Rapids Inc.