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Playing Alegoria

Alegoria is the social board game opening the space to spark the conversation!

Alegoria Spark The Conversation

By answering questions and placing pieces into the Mandala Puzzle, the space opens to uncover the allegorical meaning of stories that connect us with others.

Our stories, images, and emotions reveal a hidden meaning and tells us who we are and how we experience life.


Alegoria Community Connection Conversation

Here, we will fill you in on the Game Play of Alegoria. If you want to play the game for yourself, Order Now, Join our next Game Night and become part of our MeetUp! 

Once Alegoria is set up in the middle of the group and all players have chosen their colour, the game can begin. Two (2) to eight (8) players can play at a time!

Remember, this space is safe, welcoming, and invites the curious.

Now, pick up a Question Card from Question Card Deck. Read the question out loud and --- take a breath. Do you want to answer? All players are always allowed to skip any question at any time. There are no right or wrong answers, so interpret the question the way you like! Freedom is a key part of Alegoria.

There are no right or wrong answers. You are all free to be curious and share your experiences with respect and honesty!

Alegoria Game Question Cards


Let's say this particular Question Card is just too good to pass up and you DO answer... Once you have finished, place your coloured Mandala Puzzle piece into the Mandala Puzzle Board.


Alegoria Mandala Puzzle pieces

During this confidential conversation, all players are actively listening and respecting their fellow players. Listening is as important as speaking.

Make eye contact. Discover. Share.

Now, the rest of the players have the chance to utilize any of the Player Cards - Time's Up Card, Share Card, Challenge Card and the Alegoria Card!

Alegoria Game Player Cards Conversation

Whenever a player interacts in the conversation, they can place their coloured Mandala Puzzle piece into the Mandala Puzzle Board. The game ends when the Mandala Puzzle Board is finished and you have found yourself surrounded by people you have discovered through an amazing and fun conversation!


Alegoria Game

Here’s to unexpected stories, moments of friendship, and rooms filled with laughter!

Alegoria conversation game for friends, family, community.


Spark the Conversation Now !

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