Connecting at Home during COVID-19 is hard. Bring Alegoria into the journey with "STAYHOME50" for 50% off all products.


Connecting at Home

We have been incredibly touched by the many who have reached out and shared their Alegoria experience that has helped families, friends, and roommates cope and reconnect in the face of COVID-19. Staying home we protect ourselves and others, and in our home systems, we can promote moments of calm and peace in this time of growing fear and uncertainty. Meaningful conversations, presence, and social interaction at home ease feelings of despair and isolation.

Your messages have inspired us to share the spirit of connection with 50% off all Alegoria products now in store with “STAYHOME50”.

Thank you for making Alegoria part of your journey. ✨🎁 

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  • The meaning behind the stories that connect us together.

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The meaning behind the stories that connect us together.

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It is finally the moment to open the space and discover the people around you, build community, and uncover the meaning behind life's experiences.

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Après avoir joué Alegoria, je me suis senti inspiré. Mon moment préféré était de voir les autres s'ouvrir grâce a des questions plus sensibles.


LOVED IT! I've played with family, friends, my significant other and even people I barely knew. Alegoria is an amazing game to get to know each other and bring up important topics that don't usually get discussed.

Marc Antoine

We had a very lively conversation because we were able to finally connect. It was so refreshing to find out more about the people around me!


Contact. Connection. Community.

Our mission is to inspire players to spark conversations with new friends, old friends, families and communities.