• Say what?

    Now is the time to play.

    Candid conversations and moments of true, unedited contact bring us back to life. 

    We believe in getting together and having fun by discovering the people around us and creating relationships based on reciprocity, trust, and empathy. 

    PlayTalk is the fun question-based social game holding the space for real, unedited conversation. Face to face. 

    Who knew?

    Every question PlayTalk asks leads us to discover the unexpected - the questions we want to answer, the surprising answers we could have never imagined, and the talks we will always remember.

    Here's to rooms filled with laughter and moments that make us happy! You can now try out the social game in Montreal.

    Connect Again

    This is the moment to spend time with new friends and old friends.

    Want to try out PlayTalk at your local cafe or community hub? Join our next game night or send us a message!